General Staff

General Staff

Carol Koons, Secretary
Carol is available in the office everyday to answer all of your Pana First questions.

Glenn Schneider, Custodian
Glenn does his best to make PanaFirst an attractive and clean place to worship and work. He does it very well.

Alice Burris, Treasurer
Alice, a long-term member of PanaFirst, brings her skills of helping us to be good stewards of the funds given for the ministry of PanaFirst.

Kyle Hoffmann, Adult Choir Director and Musician
Kyle is a multi talented musician, along with directing the adult choirs he plays multiple instruments and is a gifted singer. His passion for music brings out the best in everyone.

Jenny Lehn, Children’s Choir Director and Musician
Jenny brings her love of youth together with her love of music. She also brings the energy and organizational skills to help young singers sing with joy.

Lorraine Jones, Barb JonesMary Ann Rhodes and Karen Neece, Musicians

These part-time staff members represent the many musicians who give of their musical gifts to the ministry.